Live blacklight painting at EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) Las Vegas.  Insomniac Events 2013


Rest In Paint 5Pointz. This piece ran for 5 years before the entire building was white-walled overnight creating a ton media hype. Why wouldn’t they just tear it down when the time came instead being spiteful and buffing the whole building.

Painted the interior of this home in Orange County where this advertisement was recently shot. Only in California!

Scouted the location for this video. Scenic art by Mr. Trixter ~ Iron Munk Prod.

Painted a black light WEEZY piece, a few wooden gates and airbrushed a cake with food coloring for Lil’ Waynes B -Day!  Check out the video >>>

West Coast Artists Show, June 16th

West Coast Artists ( Mr.Trixter, Pyro, Sel, Bazar)

Title Design for Snoop Dogg

Title Design for Snoop Dogg , New Zealand Films

Tuff City Styles , Bronx NYC

With over 8.5 million views , this Snoop Dogg & T-Pain collab was a great project to work on.

This instant underground classic is another Buildestroy production. The entire video is animated with meticulous detail in every frame.  This took some hours of photoshop, illustrator and after effects. Another job well done for myself and the Buildestroy team!

Rocked a little production last year at Art Basel , Miami with the COD crew.

CHAINS  documentary

Rock Fresh documentary directed by Danny Lee with fellow artists Kofie, Axis ,Tyer, Clae and myself.  A moment in time about 10 years ago before this urban art form really took off and gained the mainstream popularity that it does today.

In the first few seconds you catch a glimpse of my piece, with almost 59 million views I’m sure this video hipped some hipsters to Mr. Trixter

The L.A. Car Show 2002 for Scion (Toyota)

Projected Backdrop Design for Christina Aguilera Tour

25.5 million hits and counting … I KILL PEOPLE!!!!!!

NY1 SPOT ~ 5 Pointz, Queens NYC

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